Monday, 18 September 2017

My fair queens

Last Tuesday I went to the Wellesley Fall Fair. My sister Anne has been supporting this event for years and my niece Emily was a semi finalist in the Wellesley Idol singing contest.

Johanna and I headed out into the country.

And now this song is in my head apparently for good!

I have no idea how old I was before I found out it wasn't kermit the frog singing it

Proud grand parents

There was time for a quick tour of the produce area

Who better to lead my tour than Anne who puts so much love and effort into the Wellesley Horticulture Society and their Junior Gardener program

Three kinds of potatoes - three firsts!

The next challenge was to craft a vegetable into an image of the mayor:

What do you think?

Anne thinks this one maybe:

The politicians were piped in and the show began.

Our MC was terrific!

Her parents received a special award for years of service working to put the fair together.

Here come the candidates and their sponsers for the fair ambassador contest!

Time for the Wellesley Idol semi finals

This isn't the order things happened but these three were chosen to continue on.

However we could not be prouder of our songbird. I'll put a link to her song at the end of this blog.

More Ambassador business.

This was the winner

Our very own Heather, daughter of Anne and mother to Lizzy and Logan, was fair ambassador back in her day! I can't find photographic proof right this instant, google photos has failed me. I didn't realize at the time what a big deal it is!

 Who knew that they don't make yardsticks anymore?

Time to auction off the top winners of the baking competition!

Some of the politicians traditionally buy the cakes and share them out.

Lots of support for our singer who is so brave in front of a crowd! Here she is singing in the contest:

And we're proud of our baker and gardener too! Anne had over 120 entries and won Champion Cook - The Emily Hafemann trophy award for most points in Class 11 Culinary Art! Very satisfying to win with cookies her grandkids helped her make. She also had the most points in class 17 flower arranging. Our mother would be super proud of these achievements especially her work with the junior gardeners and carrying on the tradition of teaching children to bake. 

I like that they have to keep the food entries locked up. Maybe it's for freshness not theft :-)

Here's a video overview of my experience at the fair. Such a fun night!

And look at all of Anne's flower entries in one place!